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Do you love fairy tales? And have you ever tried to create your own ones? For those who lack experience and maybe do not have enough creative skills, there is one solution that will simplify the process. It is a Storyteller project, a wonderful playground that give you all tools and devices to make your own drama on the screen. Be sure, it is even more exciting that it seems to you. Are you ready to see what type of fairy tale you will manage to create? Then hurry up to start this fabulous adventure! You will love it!

What is your role in Storyteller?

Let’s see what objective the developers have prepared for you. Actually, it is simple and challenging at the same time. The players get several characters they can use for a tale. But there is no story to follow. And this is where you may struggle. The task is to invent a scenario from the beginning to the end. But you will need to find a proper role for each participant. Sometimes, you will need to rack your brain to come up with something that would equally involve every personage. But why not to experiment? You have zero restrictions. All you need to do is to unleash your imagination and follow your mind. Believe us, it is more engaging than prewritten stories.

Meet plenty of characters

It will be surprising, but you will discover that you know all the personages offered in this game. Actually, these are heroes and heroines from other popular fairy tales and legends you have surely read once. So you will see Snow White, Adam, Eve, Dracula, and even dwarves and warevolves! You will need to experiment a little to see what they are capable of. They will open up their nature in different scenarios you will create for them. There are endless options you can try – your characters will fall in love, marry, divorce and even kill each other. It is up to you how many intricate twists to add to your new stories. You can even resurrect your personage or transform him into a ghost. Once again, you should remember that various experiments are only encouraged!

Select your preferred genre

At first glance, it may seem that this is only a puzzle to complete. But the idea of the creators is much deeper. They have tried to allow the players to recreate old folk stories. However, you will soon notice that all scenarios come with some black humor. You will face a lot of crimes, deaths and killings in each episode. Even though, there is no violence in this project. Everything looks more funny than cruel. You will always receive some hint as to what you are expected to dramatize in a particular episode. So try to fully delve into this cool game where your imagination will work to the fullest. Make the story so intricate that the ending can impress you as well!

You can create a collection!

It is not only one story you are to build in this exciting entertainment. You are to develop dozens of them here. There are over 50 challenges here with unexpected texts and different endings. The game is designed like an ancient book that you need to fill with different tales. At first glance, it may look like entertainment for kids, but the walkthrough is really thought-provoking. Even if you need some personages, there is no need to recreate the events of the original tale. Even more, you are encouraged to invent something absolutely new and thrilling. Once you complete a story, you will be rewarded with a crown. Even if this activity will not take you more than a few hours to complete all puzzles, you will surely enjoy this time a lot. And do not worry if you happen to misinterpret the hints and create something different – you can always restart your story!

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