Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic

Great entertainment for fans of the adventure genre. Saddle your horse, sharpen your sword and accumulate enough mana. Over time, you will become so great that descendants will write legends about you.

Sword and magic is the hero’s best weapon

The key feature of the game is the graphics. The developers have pleased fans of the genre with a funny drawing that will surely make the user smile. The gamer starts the gameplay with one hero. As the story progresses, he will be able to improve his skills. At the same time, it is not only about strength, agility and other combat skills. Every character is part magician. To turn an inexperienced wizard into a powerful sorcerer, you need to spend a certain amount of time, but nothing is impossible.

The hero begins a journey across the country. In the course of the story, he will do good, and do justice to all the opponents he meets on the way. The first phase of the fight involves the use of magic. After that, you can turn to the good old sword. As soon as the long-awaited victory is gained, you can continue your journey further.
A true hero cannot travel alone. In order to defeat insidious enemies, you always need to have a reliable shoulder of an ally nearby. The opportunity to assemble your own squad will soon present itself, and the gamer will continue his journey with his comrades.

Each subsequent level will be more difficult than the previous one. Not always the speed of reaction will help to win. Quite often, it is important for a player to turn to ingenuity – to figure out what the enemy’s weak side is and how it can be used to their own benefit. If the first attempt fails, just restart the game.

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