Yandere Ai Girlfriend Simulator

Survival simulator. The non-standard approach of the creators will please the most sophisticated fans of the genre, who are also anime lovers. At any moment, a peaceful picture on the screen of a computer gadget can turn into your nightmare.

How not to turn a pretty girl into a monster

The game takes place within the walls of a cozy home. The gamer will have to spend a certain amount of time in the company of a pretty girl. How long this “date” will be depends solely on your imagination and ability to maintain a conversation. Management is as simple as possible. A gamer only needs a mouse or a computer keyboard. You don’t need to control the hero (make him run, jump, shoot, etc.). It is important to help him choose the right action. The character is not alone in the house. However, do not be deceived. The guy would be glad to leave the house, but not everything is so simple. A sweet girl who is in the same room with him is not in the mood to leave. No need to upset the lady. Girls love with their ears. And your task is to fall in love with this beauty. If the answer is chosen incorrectly, there will be no tears and other manifestations of the disorder. A cute beauty will turn into a monster and will kill you with great pleasure.
Determining the correct answer is not easy. If the first time you fail to calm the irritable girl, just restart the game, but at the same time remember what exactly you were talking about before. If, in the end, you choose the right course of action, the girl, albeit with a little regret, will still leave you alive and allow you to leave your inhospitable home.

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