Storyteller 2

Puzzle fans are very picky. And it is difficult to impress them. But new entertainment will impress even the most sophisticated players. It is Storyteller. This new game is about tale creating. Do not worry, you do not need to be a professional writer to enjoy this activity. You are just to be ready to experiment and use your fantasy to come up with interesting turns and twists. Let’s delve deeper into it.

What is your objective?

Imagine you have a book of tales but it is empty. And your task is to fill it with exciting tales. How can you do it? You will have everything you need for it – charismatic characters, scenes and even a prompt. But the rest is entirely in your hands. You will need to invent a story that will successfully combine all the personages into a common story where everyone will perform their roles. Even the scenes have been already developed for your convenience – you just need to drag them into the designated slots to build a story. If you want to change their roles, the scenes will also change. The aim is to give some sinister and humorous coloring to each story you create. So be ready to add something unusual to each your creation. There are 13 chapters here for you to explore – each puzzle is full of fun and joy. Pass them all!

Interact with your favorite characters

It is a great selection of personages to interact with. But what is really exciting – the bigger part of them comes from the popular tales you know. These are princesses and princes, knights and wizards, Snow White, Dracula and lots of other familiar names. But the plots are not the same – because you are to create absolutely new stories. The personages from different tales can meet in a new story where absolutely new adventures await them. So unleash your creativity to offer new exciting twists. There are no limitations of any kind as long as you achieve the target that was mentioned in the prompt. Some stories will bring you incredible bonuses for successful completion.

Experiment and enjoy!

There are lots of exciting scenarios you can develop. The themes touch all possible subjects – love, breaks, betrayals and killings. Characters always have different relations – they will fall in love with each other, marry, betray each other, and may even kill one another. You will guide them in all these developments, so make sure you allow the right people to be together. Have fun and experiment – you can redesign every tale as many times as you only wish. You just need to complete all the challenges and win all possible bonuses. You may think that this game is for kids. But when you start playing it, you will understand that the walkthrough requires a lot of thinking and correct choices. Even if you have enough freedom to interact with heroes to your own liking but still there is a target to achieve specified in the prompt. So think well when you assign a role to this or that personage. And just have a lot of fun!

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