Toca Boca 2

An incredible opportunity to show your creativity to the fullest. Even more locations and cute characters are available to you. Take a break from everyday worries and immerse yourself in the virtual world.

Limitless Possibilities

Like other parts of the famous series, the game is based on the popular animated series. Characters and graphics completely duplicate the original product.
After starting, the player himself will choose the hero to control, as well as the location. Each zone in the virtual world differs not only in design and name. You get an incredible opportunity to feel like a chef, hairdresser, famous fashion designer, etc. After choosing a location, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the upcoming mini-game. For example, if a gamer is closer to the culinary arts, he can put a chef’s hat on his head and create his own masterpiece. For people who are not fans of experiments, a basic set of recipes is available. Simply select the ingredients and use them in the appropriate order. Just a few moments, and connoisseurs of your culinary genius are full and satisfied. If you want to feel like a famous fashion designer – there is nothing easier. Choose the appropriate location and create to the delight of your taste and the visitors of the famous salon. The number of tools, the range of fabrics and decorative elements is practically unlimited.
Toca Boca 2 is essentially a creative sandbox game without a strict storyline. However, no one prevents you from showing your imagination and creating your own unique story. Moreover, the choice of characters, locations and various items is provided to you very large.

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