Summertime Saga

One of the best games in its genre. Despite the abundance of spicy scenes, gamers will have to demonstrate their ability to get out of difficult situations. Turn off your phone so you don’t get distracted, don’t forget your sense of humor and start playing the popular game.

A visual aid on how to win the heart of a girl and not only

After the death of his father, a young and hopeful young man begins a new stage in his life. Despite the difficult financial situation in the family, the young man intends to continue his studies at the university. Teachers go to meet a promising student and overwhelm him with all sorts of tasks. They are to be completed by the player. Higher education is not cheap. Paying for your studies, given the tragedy in the family, is not so easy. However, the young man will be able to accumulate a sufficient amount of money by completing individual tasks. Accordingly, the gamer is waiting for a large number of interesting mini-games, for the victory in which he will receive quite tangible, for the main character, financial reward. However, Summer Saga owes much of its popularity not so much to its exciting plot and additional entertainment. Despite all the difficulties of life, the main character remains primarily a young guy. This same guy is studying at a university full of seductive beauties. And it’s not just about students.
To pick up the key to the heart (and not only to it), you need to take into account the characteristics of the character of each heroine. All girls are different, with their own hopes and complexes. However, for a young hero who is thirsty for love and unusual sensations, nothing is impossible. If successful (and it is quite achievable), the player will be rewarded with seeing another “experiment” of a resilient student and his new partner.

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