Monkey Market

Feel like a real businessman. Create your own business from scratch and get real profit.

Being a farmer is not easy.

The plot begins with moving to a cozy farm. It is empty here, but if you try, the gamer will be able to turn it into a real farm. The player has a small amount at his disposal. All that is available to him at the moment is a small patch of bananas. You need to wait until the fruit is ripe, collect it from the garden and send it to the counter. Visitors will not keep you waiting. Monkeys love bananas and buy this product with great pleasure. Gradually, the player will accumulate enough money for a new product. They will be corn. The peculiarity is that the gamer can only sell it or use this variety of legumes as feed. When a sufficient amount of funds has accumulated in the account, you can buy a chicken or a cow. The first gives eggs, the second – milk. Corn can come in handy in the future for making popcorn, a favorite treat for many. The user can develop his enterprise indefinitely. It’s hard enough to get everywhere. However, a fan of the genre has the opportunity to hire employees – monkeys. Monkeys will work together and collect food, vegetables and fruits on time. The main thing is to monitor their behavior. At some point, a tired worker may fall asleep. It is enough to approach him and send him back to work.
Under the warm sun, not only your employee, but also the animals that live on the farm can plunge into a slumber. Waking them up is just as easy. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of various mechanisms and make their repairs in time.

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