Only Up

A beautiful game with a captivating storyline. You have to help the main character reach the top of the world.

Salvation can be found above the clouds

The main character of the software product is a teenager. Your task is to help this boy escape.
For unknown reasons, the familiar city has changed beyond recognition. Instead of the usual roads around the teenager, failures appeared to nowhere, trees and buildings lost their usual outlines. The familiar world has turned into a midnight nightmare. To escape from a terrible place, the boy needs to reach the top. Moving up is easy enough (seemingly). You can move on improvised steps. The role of these “stages” can be played by buildings, trees and unusual platforms suspended in the air. The danger is. That if a player falls from the roof of a one-story house, his health will not suffer much. But if the flight is made from the roof of a skyscraper or a giant waterfall, the user will have to start the whole process again. The number of attempts the player has is not limited. At any time, you can complete an unsuccessful level and start the gameplay again. The controls in the game are quite simple. To jump, run, climb, etc. It is enough to use a computer mouse and keyboard. You can familiarize yourself with the location of the main navigation keys in advance and only after that proceed to the game itself.
Despite all the foreignness of virtual landscapes, one cannot fail to note the beauty of the graphics. At some point, the user may feel like a visitor to a fantasy world (planet). Sometimes it is worth stopping the movement and just admire the surrounding virtual world.

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