With such a variety of online games, it is still a struggle to find a good puzzle. If you agree to it, then you know exactly what is meant. If you are looking for something that will make you forget about everything around for at least a few hours, here is entertainment that has left no one indifferent. Even if you are an advanced player, with much expertise in the gaming industry, you are supposed to master new skills. And these are creating new fairy tales! Do not leave if you believe this activity is not for you as you have so special skills for it. You will surely cope well even without these. All you need is just some creativity to have incredible fun. And you may be sure you will enjoy Storyteller to the fullest! Let’s give it a try!

How to play?

This game is a fantasy puzzle where you need to create different scenarios. There is no a defined narrative in Storyteller. Everything starts when you open Magic book that you need to fill with stories. The twist is that the player does not get clear instructions here. All he has is a small prompt, several characters and scenes. And the rest is entrusted entirely to you. So, you are now responsible for tying this all together in a well-tuned tale. At first glance, all stories are very basic, but you will need your best thinking skills to make them well constructed and harmonious. There is nothing difficult about writing your story – you just need to drag and drop the heroes into ready-made scenes. But these scenes can change, depending on your choices. Do you believe you can handle such a challenge? It is unbelievably engaging!

How many characters are here?

There is a plethora of bright personages here. And you will be delighted to discover that you know the majority of them. You will immediately associate them with well-known folk takes. You will see Romeo and Juliet, various princesses, knights, dwarves and ghosts. However, it does not mean that they have the same personalities as in the original stories they come from. When you closer interact with them, you will learn them better. Overall, you will get access to over 50 heroes and heroines to use in your personal tales. You can interact and replace them to your liking.

What are the tales about?

Do not expect to see traditional plots of the popular tales. Here you will see only heroes from these stories. And then you should use your imagination to best match the prompt. The initial quests are devoted to such basic aspects as love, loss, heartbreak, and the possibility of finding new love. You will often need to help your personages find your love. It is very important to follow the sequence of events and the importance of reversing certain states. For instance, if you decide to kill off a character in one scene, you must later bring them back to life, or throughout the rest of the story, they will continue to appear as a ghost. There are many variants to experiment with and have fun.

Earn bonuses and just have fun

The Storyteller book is divided into 13 chapters. Each of them offers lots of puzzles to complete. Some of them offer you nice bonuses for successful walkthrough. The completion of all of them will not take you more than three hours. You will enjoy your personages in various mood and roles. And you can further experiment with different scenario twists to see how the story will change. One thing is especially enjoyable – you are free to experiment. And if you do not like the result – no worries! You can always restart your tale from the very beginning – it does not take much time and effort. Enjoy Storyteller to the fullest!

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