Incredibly interesting and exciting life simulator. You have to fully experience all the hardships of a loser or become the most successful businessman in a virtual city.

From lullaby to obituary

The player can immediately choose a character that he will control throughout the game. The user has different options for gender, race, etc.
After the baby is born, you can get acquainted with the basic set of its characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to health. If you do not follow this indicator, the character can get sick at any moment and sink into oblivion.
Also of great importance for the further life path and success of the inhabitant of the virtual metropolis is diligence, intelligence, the ability to interact with other people of the virtual world.
The user can help his avatar develop skills. To do this, it is enough to visit the gym, study at school, do homework, etc. At the same time, do not forget that, like an ordinary child, your hero will not be delighted with constant study. Between reading a book and a disco, he would rather choose the latter. Your task is not to upset him and act as gently as possible.
There are certain significant moments in the life of a resident of a virtual city. From the choice that he makes in a particular situation, his entire future path depends. For example, if you get into bad company and succumb to the persuasion of the leader, you can commit theft and spend subsequent years in prison. It is important to determine this moment and do everything possible so that an irreparable mistake does not occur. Thanks to this, the character will be able to start a family, get a good job and meet a dignified old age.

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