An Average Day at the Cat Cafe

Dedicated to pet lovers. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, you can feel like the owner of a cozy cafe with an unusual design.

Only cats can be better than cats

The creators have done their best, which will certainly be appreciated by a fan of the gaming genre. The picture on the screen of a computer device pleases with a calm color scheme, in vintage style. The atmosphere instantly sets you up for a calm, peaceful mood. However, do not deceive yourself. The user will definitely not be able to relax.
You have to become the owner and at the same time the main barista of a cozy cafe. The visitors of your establishment will be cute cats. Everyone loves coffee and sweets, and cats in this virtual world are no exception. The range of drinks and sweets will be gradually replenished. The main thing is to accumulate enough money to buy new ingredients and equipment.
It is important to remember that the patience of furry visitors is not unlimited. If you do not place an order in time and do not prepare the desired variety of a drink loved by many, the visitor will be offended. The lack of customers will negatively affect not only revenue, but also the reputation of the institution as a whole. The controls in the game are quite simple. All the user needs is a mouse and a computer keyboard. Before starting a gaming session, you can familiarize yourself with the main control keys. There is no tutorial level. You will immediately plunge into the world of business. If the first time you didn’t succeed in creating a cafe of your meta, it doesn’t matter. You can always start your difficult journey again. Just click on the appropriate button and re-familiarize yourself with the navigation panel.

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