Sort the Court!

The game will surely appeal to fans of the strategy genre. Military battles in it at least. The main thing is wisdom and a desire to help your subjects.

Feel like the master of the world

The player will try on the role of the king. How he will be remembered by descendants – kind and fair or cruel depends only on you.
The developers have provided the ability to select a character. Depending on their gender or the wishes of the gamer, not only the king, but also the queen is available. Before starting, you need to make your final choice. In the future, you will not be able to change your mind. The player will have to get acquainted with a brief background on behalf of one of the subjects of the ladies. After that, you can proceed to the main process.
Initially, the country you get is small and not very rich. But changing the current state of affairs is easy. It is enough to monitor the main indicators, incl. and the mood of the people. If you bring your subjects to despair, you can see how you are overthrown, which would not be desirable at all. The peculiarity is that you have to rule not only ordinary people, but also monsters. These are quite bloodthirsty creatures, whose opinion, however, must be reckoned with.
As the game progresses, subjects will come to the king. Satisfy their request or not – it’s up to you. For example, people may need money to develop their own business. Citizen support will instantly raise your credibility. However, it is worth remembering that the treasury is not infinite. If it is not replenished in time, the prince will soon become a beggar. Money can be obtained by cooperating with monsters. However, not all of their requirements may be to your liking. At such a moment, it is worth turning to the art of a diplomat.

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