Toca Life World

Nice graphics, a large selection of locations and characters will make you immerse yourself in an exciting adventure. The virtual world provides you with an unlimited number of possibilities. The only limitation that the user may face is his own imagination.

Become the character of your favorite animated series

The original series of games is based on the incredibly popular animated series. The developers took the original carefully and with due respect. Fans of the series appreciated this approach and, at the moment, the game consistently occupies the top lines of various ratings.
The gameplay begins with the creation of a new character. The gamer can develop his own character or choose one of the existing options. The range of characters is quite large. At the same time, the differences between the inhabitants of the virtual city are not only in the color of the hair and the style of clothing at the moment, the following heroes are available to the gamer:
• teenagers;
• children;
• the elderly and adults;
• pets.
For fans of the fantasy genre, a separate category has also been developed. In it, you can choose any currently available mythical character. After the work done, you can get a small cozy apartment in your possession. Over time, the player will be able to create a special atmosphere in the home. To do this, as in real life, it is enough to visit a specialized store. The city is home to a huge number of different characters. The player can interact with them, as well as with almost all objects that appear on the screen of a computer gadget. The main characters can walk, eat, cook. Receive and create gifts and much more.

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